Securing Tomorrow: A Revolution in Okta Security

Governance and Administration (OIG)
Okta Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Exploring Okta’s Latest Features and Enhancements Okta Identity Governance and Administration (OIG / IGA) Privileged Access Management (PAM)   Solutions Engineer covering the Growth Market region for Okta

 With a focus on innovation and problem-solving, he’s here to bridge the gap between technology and business needs


Eran Barak Teraworks | CEO-5 minutes 

  • Introduction to the topic – Identity management is a critical factor in cloud security,

 and it has a direct impact on protecting data and applications         

Mustapha Gaies| Solutions Engineer okta-20 minutes 

  • Overview of Okta’s identity management solutions
  • Demonstration of new features and enhancements

Muli Motola |Teraworks founder-and Cyber Security Expert15 minutes 

  • Identity management as a key factor in cloud security
  • Common challenges in identity management
  • Best practices for implementing effective identity management

Q&A10 minutes 


Register now for the webinar that will take place on Wednesday, April 10, 2024 at 11:00, places are limited

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